Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trouble in Sausalito

My four-hour bike ride to Muir Beach and back was going well until I ran over a rusty nail. I fixed my flat with the spare tube I brought along, stopped at Mike's Bikes to give it a little extra air, and managed to not only explode the tube, but warp the tire. I didn't have enough cash along to buy a new tire, so I basically had to wait for rescue by car.

Lesson: Always bike with a credit card.

I found a coffee shop and had a beer and a glass of wine and a cup of coffee while I waited. See pictures from the ride below.

Pacific Ocean

Muir Beach Overlook

A Purple Flower

A Common Egret Flying Over Salt Marsh

Sausalito House Boats

Waiting for Rescue

The Drive Home

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  1. This is so awesome that you're doing this, Luke! What amazing pictures to make me EVEN MORE JEALOUS that we're not there with you guys! Purple flower = <3.